Home Medical Providers

The medical house call services provided by Home Medical Providers are customized for the groups of patients that we serve. There are three kinds of medical house call services that we provide in Chattanooga as well as the surrounding counties in Tennessee:

  • Home Care
    House call medical care for patients in apartments and single-family homes. We treat home-bound patients who are experiencing some difficulties when leaving home (cognitive or physical) or simply need to be cared for in the comforts of their own home (without having to sit around in the waiting room).
  • Transition Care
    House call medical care that extends the continuity and reach of medical facilities and hospitals and working on transition plans for discharging patients in need of some follow up care. The program focuses on improved transitions and improved outcomes that are able to work in coordination with the patients’ current primary physicians that they are seeing.
  • Group Care
    House call medical care for multiple patients (on the very same day usually) for patients who are in a group residential settings like senior living communities and assisting living facilities. We can serve through this service as your facility’s medical director, which provides the care that is needed by your residents at a reduced cost for your facility or community.

All of our patients receive the same high level of medical care.  Learn more about these services below.

Home Care

It can be stressful, expensive and difficult to have to leave your house to go to the doctor’s office. We completely understand. Why not let the doctor visit you instead? We provide patients with medical house calls as a primary care or interim physician who treats acute and chronic conditions or treats non-emergent (urgent) issues.

Transition Care

Deviating from discharge orders and follow-up care being delayed increase the chances of the patient getting readmitted to the hospital. When readmissions occur it places a great deal of stress on families, patients, and the country’s health care system. We work with patients and hospitals to provide patients with transitional medical care after they are discharged from the hospital, which ultimately improves outcome and reduces the chance that the patient will be readmitted.

Group Care

Getting appointments scheduled and taking residents to their doctor appointments can be very stressful for patients and for caregivers can be a real coordination nightmare. We visit care homes and facilities to provide the medical care that your residents need in surroundings that are familiar to them.


Get all of the medical care that you need in the place that you need it.

A real clinician will visit you in the comforts of your very own home. It is easy to schedule a visit via our patient portal, email or phone. We have short wait times on our visits, and the same clinicians we will continue to treat you.


Individualized, high-quality medical care without needing to leave your house.

Medical care from board-certified, experienced clinicians provides a personalized and refreshing health care approach. We carefully choose our clinicians for their bedside manner, medical judgment, experiences, and commitment to compassionately treating patients. This results in a health care that is unparalleled and results in better outcomes for patients.


Health care shouldn’t break your budget. We are part of most of the major health plan networks, and we directly bill them for homebound patient visits.

Not homebound. No insurance. No problem. You can directly pay us, and the get a claim filed with your insurance company. Visit costs begin at $99 plus associated trip expense. We accept all of the major credit cards and checks.

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