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Chattanooga Tennessee House Calls

Visiting Doctors and House Calls are at your service in the Chattanooga area.

Family Medical Therapies, based in Chattanooga is a unique “house call” medical-based practice that has a focus on offering medical care when and where patients require it.

Our experienced house-call doctors provide the needed medical care to treat patients in their homes using a range of mobile-medical services which are in alignment to services that are found in traditional doctor’s offices, with a more in-depth and hands-on approach for treating patients that is different to the traditional visit to a doctor’s office. The typical home visit ranges from 30 to 90 minutes in length.

The Premier House Call Doctors in Chattanooga, Tennessee

The house call doctors at Family Medical Therapies PLLC offer a mobile-medicine approach that is effective and individualized, while also being innovative in obtaining improved patient outcomes along with decreased health-care costs overall.

To learn more about the services offered by Family Medical Therapies PLLC, email, call or use our contact form! You can also schedule your first appointment through email or phone with one of our visiting doctors.

We are Physician Led, Network Supported.

Our board certified and skillful physician providers head up teams that have been selected with care. Our providers spend more time with their patients along with working within a large healthcare-ecosystem that provides a way to offer more comprehensive care.

We curate networks of high-performance senior-care facilities, home-care agencies, providers of medical equipment, rehab and transitional care providers, specialist-medical providers, hospitals and resources which are supportive of the goals we have along with partnering with us to offer care that is more complete.

Give us a call today to find out more on Family Medical Therapies PLLC as well as how our group care physicians can assist you complete medical care, creating a better outcome as well as how to decrease your overall costs associated with this type of care.

Commitment To Our Beliefs

We have a belief that “How we care for our neighbors is the ultimate expression of our humanity.”

It is this belief system that happens to be “central” to everything our company stands for.

Our experienced, highly-skilled and compassionate clinicians, support teams and contractors are all highly focused on offering medical care of the highest quality from treating more complex conditions onto routine examinations all in conducted in your home.

We have a goal that enables and supports all our patients with health-care goals, and to take this further their actual life goals. We are able to achieve this by offering quality medical home care, along with the intent to assist each of our patients to live longer, more independent and fuller lives with fewer hospital admissions.

The Family Medical Therapies PLLC Model of Care has been designed to decrease the time spent in hospitals, which ultimately decreases overall costs involved in care as well as improving our patient’s “quality of life”, along with their care-givers in the way of enabling improved patient outcomes.

Our clinicians are skilled and compassionate to assist our patients in staying healthy for longer and getting better faster.

Email or call to find out more about Family Medical Therapies PLLC along with how our dedicated visiting physicians are able to offer you with exceptional medical care in your home.

Built To Be Mobile Around Chattanooga, TN

The mobile infrastructure we have in place supports our house calls and offers our patients comprehensive medical treatment, testing, labs, medication delivery, prescriptions, imaging, delivery, referrals along with much more, which can all be done from your home.

Additionally, we curate with a network of high-performance personal and home care agencies, transitional-care facilities, senior-care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, senior-care facilities, specialist-medical providers, medical-equipment providers, hospitals and community resources that support all our goals as well as partner alongside us to offer more complete care from homes where and when you really need it.

Practical And Convenient House Call Medicine

Over and above offering care to patients when and where they need it, Family Medical Therapies also strives to make sure waiting times are lowered for appointments as well as accepting most of the main health plans.

To Get Started Is Easy

Simplicity when it comes to medicine. If you are ready to get started you can call email us for more information about Family Medical Therapies PLLC.

Enjoy the Affordability, Convenience and Quality of Medical Care that Comes Home with No Compromises.

We Can’t Achieve Success without our Partners