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This is different. While many patients do have house call questions and we have answers, at Home Medical Providers we feel that your health is your most valuable asset. As a valuable asset, you should not need to compromise for service. Our team aims to provide all house call patients in the Chattanooga area with high-quality, affordable, and convenient healthcare in the comfort of their own homes.

To get your answers, read the FAQs below.

If you have any additional questions regarding house calls, email, call or use our contact form!

Old-Fashioned House Calls With A New Technological Face Lift

Doctors making house calls is not a new concept and, in fact, until the 1960s many medical physicians would make routine house calls for their patients. Unfortunately, in today’s healthcare system, there is greater focus on the efficiency and economics of healthcare than the patients. Current medical technology has allowed us to return to the traditional way of doing things while still maintaining a high degree of efficiency with patient focus.

The house call practice at Home Medical Providers is bringing attention back to what really matters in healthcare – the patient. That’s you!

We have compiled a list of the frequently asked questions regarding house calls along with the answers to these questions below. We hope these FAQs will help you understand what we do, how our house calls operate, and how we can offer you home healthcare. The house call questions cover different subjects, including the following:

• medical house calls
• mobile medicine
• mobile doctors
• visiting physicians

We recommended that you visit this page regularly as it will be continuously updated with more frequently asked questions.


Benefits of Home Medical Providers Home Care

Are There Certain Conditions That Qualify For A Home Visit?

If you have problems getting to a physician’s office, then you are likely to be covered in the same manner during a home healthcare visit as you would in an office-based doctor’s visit. You will most often qualify as a home-bound patient if presenting with the following attributes:

• being home-bound
• using a walker, wheelchair, or other walking assist device
• have a physical disability
• have a cognitive disability
• require the assistance of another individual to leave home

To confirm your eligibility for home calls, it is necessary that you contact your health plan agency. If you are not home-bound or mobility-constrained, our doctors can still treat you; but you will need to pay use directly then file an insurance claim.

Can I Receive A House Call If I Do Not Have Insurance Or Am Not Home-Bound?

Yes, it is possible to receive a home call if you do not have insurance or are not home-bound. You can receive the home call and then pay us directly for the visit. Afterwards you can file a claim with your insurance company to compensate the amount. Doctor home call prices begin at $149 plus the applicable trip fees. We accept all major credit cards, but do not accept cash.

Do I Require A Referral For A Home Call?

No, not necessarily. While you should speak to your health plan to determine if you need a referral for Family Medical Therapies services, doctors, nurses, caregivers and facility managers can also contact us to let us know if they have patients they think we should visit. We will then follow up with these referrals as our doctors become available. It is also possible to complete a new patient registration form on our patient resources page to make the registration faster.

Does Home Medical Providers Accept Private Pay Patients?

Yes, we do accept private pay patients. We accept most major credit cards and this is payable at the time services are delivered. The self-pay home calls begin at $99 plus all applicable trip fees. Unfortunately, we do not accept any cash payments.

Does Home Medical Providers Provide Any Emergency Medical Care?

No, we do not provide emergency medical care. We see you as quickly as we can, but this is not the same as providing emergency medical care. If you require emergency medical care, please contact 911 or head to a hospital. That being said, please feel free to call Home Medical Providers at any time and we will schedule a home call as soon as possible or offer a telephone consultation.

How Can I Pay For The Services?

All service payments are processed using a major debit or credit card. We do not accept any cash payments.

How Much Does A Home Call Cost?

If you own insurance and are eligible for home calls, we will bill the health plan directly. In this situation, the out of medical costs and co-pay will be charged with the costs for a traditional visit plus any applicable trip fees.

If, however, you do not have medical insurance or are not eligible for a house call with your health plan, you can use the self-pay method. Medical costs begin at $99 per visit and you may file a claim with your insurance company after the visit. Furthermore, we charge an additional trip fee of $75 for any visits within our primary service area. If the visit is outside our primary service area the trip fee is calculated and we will inform you of the cost before the home call – no surprises.

How Often Can I Be Seen?

You and your physician will determine the most number of visits that are medically necessary to manage any chronic conditions. If you need to be seen before the next schedule home call, you can contact us at 423-521-5404 and schedule a house call appointment.

How Soon Can I Schedule An Appointment?

Appointments can be typically be scheduled within seven days of registration with Family Medical Therapies.

Is Home Medical Providers Accepting New Patients?

Yes, we are currently accepting new patients at Home Medical Providers. For more information and to schedule an appointment please contact us at 423-521-5404.

What Are Family Medical Therapies Operating Hours?

Appointments can be scheduled Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. Contact us if you require a visit outside of these hours and we may be able to accommodate you dependent on our physician’s schedule. We are closed on public holidays and over the weekend.

What Is A Doctor House Call And Where Is It Available?

A doctor house call refers to the case where a patient is visited at home by a doctor or other type of clinician. If it is a challenge for you to visit a traditional doctor’s rooms, the Home Medical Providers medical home call service may be most beneficial. We service the majority of counties in metro Chattanooga including the following:


Contact us if you do not see your county on the list and we may be able to extend our medical home call service to you.

Which Medical Insurance Plans Are Accepted?

Home Medical Providers accepts most of the major insurance medical plans operating as an in-network provider, including Medicare, Medicaid, and other private insurances. For more information, see our insurance list.

Which Mobile Services Are Included In Home Medical Providers Home Call Program?

Our services include all the same healthcare services one would receive at a traditional doctor’s office. This will include the following:

• physical examinations
• diagnostic testing
• laboratory services
• mobile x-rays
• prescriptions

We also coordinate care among other medical service providers, such as home health agencies, social service providers, and medical equipment providers.